New Tutorial: Earbud Keeper

Make a Cute Earbud Keeper in 5 Minutes with Fabric Scraps!

If you’re like me, you don’t really have time to wrap up your earbuds into a neat little bow every time you use them and even if you do, by the time you take them out to use again, they’ve come unraveled and are all tangled up. The struggle is real.

Well what if I told you all you need is some scraps that you probably already have lying around your sewing room and your whole relationship with earbuds will change forever (for the better)? It’s true! Vanessa has put together this amazing little earbud keeper that will keep your headphones nice and tidy until you’re ready to use them next time! This is an excellent scrapbuster project! Vanessa used four 5″ fabric squares, In-R-Form Plus and a zig zag stitch. That’s it!



You will even learn how to finish a raw edge using a zig zag stitch!

This project is a triple threat. It’s cute, functional and SO EASY TO MAKE. Seriously. Watch, learn, and make one for yourself!

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watch the tutorial


New Tutorial: Earbud Keeper
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