New Tutorial: A Valentine Mug Rug

Make a Valentine Mug Rug/Mini Quilt with Easy Paper Piecing Instructions! FREE Video Tutorial!

Sometimes you just need a little way to celebrate a holiday without taking all your time and energy. How about this adorable mug rug that is just filled with love and doesn’t take up too much room? It’s the perfect way to start out your day enjoying your cup of coffee and thinking of all the love in your life! A small project like this will be done in a jiffy and we’ll have plenty of time to make them for all of your friends!

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To make this tutorial as easy as possible, we’ve included a Free Downloadable Template to create the heart blocks! Get it here:

free downloadable template

Click on the button to watch the tutorial and find all the supplies you need to make this adorable mug rug!

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We just have to share these super cute Valentines that Missouri Star Quilt Co whipped up! They are completely free, you just download, print them out and give them to all your sewing and quilting friends! Click on the image below to find them!

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New Tutorial: A Valentine Mug Rug
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