Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial

tooth fairy pinnable

Do your kids believe in the Tooth Fairy? I imagine the Tooth Fairy often has trouble searching for those tiny little teeth under your child’s pillow, so Vanessa, the  Crafty Gemini, has come up with a clever and adorable solution! 🙂
boy and girl pillows

This tutorial uses Winterfleece and some Poly-Fil Fiber to create a tooth character you can hang on your doorknob, your bed post or wherever you like, so you… I mean, so the Tooth Fairy is never searching for teeth in the bed again!  There’s even a Free Downloadable Template to help you create the tooth shape!  Give it some personality with a bow, a bowtie, some teeth for the tooth… we can’t wait to see your creativity bring them to life!


Click on the button to watch the tutorial and find out about all the products Vanessa used!

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Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial
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