New Tutorial: Hanging Kitchen Towel

hanging towel pinnable

There’s really nothing more useful than a dish towel hung on the handle of the oven, but in a house full of tiny humans, it can feel like those dish towels have legs. No matter how many times you hang them in place, they seem to mysteriously find their way to the floor, the table, the hallway….anywhere but where you need them! Vanessa’s Hanging Kitchen Towel, however, stays put.

There’s even a free printable pattern that you can get HERE.

Hanging towels straight onDesigned to hold tight with a simple button closure, this towel is wonderfully wander-proof! (You’ll also get a quick lesson on how to sew a buttonhole with a buttonhole foot! Bonus!!!)

Click the button to watch the tutorial and find all the supplies you’ll need to make this project!

watch the tutorial


New Tutorial: Hanging Kitchen Towel
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