Fabric Flowers: The Perfect Accessory!

Make Adorable no-fray fabric flower accessories with this FREE Step-by-Step Video Tutorial!

My husband loves to watch movies. If he could make it happen, his ideal day would be going to see 4 movies back to back in the theater with enough time in between to go get an awesome burrito or gyro.  I, however, can hardly sit through one movie without getting fidgety or looking for something to do with my hands while I “watch.” Then my movie-loving husband says, “Did you see that??” to which I lie, “Sure I did…” Well, if you’re like me and like to work on a project while you’re binge-watching Netflix, I’ve got the perfect project for you!

Fabric Flowers: The Perfect Accessory!

There are so many tutorials on how to make flowers out of paper, out of ribbon, out of felt… but we’ve found the BEST fabric flower that takes seriously no time at all! The secret is…. Well, you’ll have to watch the tutorial to find out our secret, but you’re going to love it! It makes the fabric just stiff enough that it’s easy to work with and doesn’t fray!

Adorable Fabric Flower DIY Video TutorialAttach some elastic for a headband or put them on a hair clip… You can even put a magnet or pin on the back or some flower wire to put them in a bouquet! There are so many things you can do with these adorable flowers and we know you’re going to be making them in every color! This is the perfect pop of color for your little girl’s perfect Easter dress.

Click the button to watch the FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL and get all the supplies to make your own fabric flowers!

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Fabric Flowers: The Perfect Accessory!
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