Fringe Faux Leather Purse Tutorial

Pinnable Fringe Purse


Are you looking for the perfect fashion accessory but don’t want to fork over the dough to buy it? You know you don’t need to because Vanessa has come to the rescue yet again!  This faux leather fringe purse is just so cute and you’ll look like the fashionista you love to be without the price tag behind it!  It’s cute and functional, which we love! 🙂

Click on the button to watch the tutorial and find out about all the products Vanessa used!

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Fringe Faux Leather Purse Tutorial
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  • Melissa Thompson-Manandise

    I followed your tutorial . I love your stuff and you explain it simple for beginners like me. Can you maybe show how to make a faux leather wallet? Anyway here are my faux leather purses just yo show

  • kelly kagoshima

    What kind of thread do you use for this purse

  • Edye O.

    This is the holiday bag I made from your YouTube tutorial. I added fuseable batting to pad it for the candle I put inside. thanks again for the great inspiration!

  • Edye O.

    I made the casserole carrier for a wedding gift and embroidered the center on the inside.
    She said it was the most creative gift she was ever given. thanks again!