New Tutorial: Recycled Men’s Shirt Apron

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Stop what you’re doing! I know you’re throwing out your husband’s old button up shirts right now, but don’t do it! We can give it a new life with this fun, super simple apron made from a recycled men’s shirt!! Isn’t it great to use things you already have to make something completely new and functional (and super cute)? Help us welcome our guest, Amy Barickman, who has brought us this wonderful tutorial!

Here’s the back of the finished apron!


apron thumbnail

Click on the button to watch the tutorial!

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New Tutorial: Recycled Men’s Shirt Apron
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  • Debbie Arnold

    Hey Vanessa,
    This is a great tutorial. I want to see the back of the apron. Are the straps crisscrossed?

    • Missouri Star Quilt Co

      @disqus_bNDtSgUoMM:disqus Yes they are crisscrossed! I’ve added a back view to this post! 🙂

  • Cheryle Alton

    I also wanted to see the back any pictures?

    • Missouri Star Quilt Co

      @cherylealton:disqus I just added the back view to this post! Sorry about that!

  • Susan Hutchins Cross

    larger size women can use the back of the shirt for its width and cut straps from another coordinating fabric. thanks Vanessa for this guest and idea.

    • Missouri Star Quilt Co

      Great suggestion!!

  • Maria Pringle

    Need the back view……..

    • Missouri Star Quilt Co

      Just added it to the post! Sorry about that!!